Educational Initiative

“Educational Initiative” is a non-profit organisation run by a Board of five Directors, who are elected into office every three years. The Chairman of the Board serves as the legal representative for the company. The aim of the company is to promote the Montessori system of education as stipulated by the “Association Montessori Internationale” (AMI). The Company also aims to inform the general public in Greece of the Montessori philosophy as an aid to life and the basis for a better future.

The following organisations function under the aegis of “Educational Initiative”:

THE MONTESSORI LAB (Adult Education Centre) the only Montessori Training Centre in Greece, recognized by AMI  

THE MONTESSORI HOUSE, GLYFADA Montessori Creche: The Nest + The Infant Community – Montessori Nursery: The Children’s House – Centre for After School Activities

THE MONTESSORI INITIATIVE – a forum for volunteers to help promote the Montessori approach to the general public.