At The Children’s House we organise specific outings with a particular aim. With children at this first stage of development it is important we bring the outside world into the prepared environment of the classroom – an environment where children feel comfortable, safe and secure.

In this way, we can present the world to the child knowing that he will be receptive and able to comprehend it. However, this is not always possible, and often we find children expressing an interest in something that we cannot bring into the classroom. When this happens, in order to support a child’s interest, we prepare a specific outing with a small group of children. Over the years, for example, we have prepared outings to the local post office, to museums, artist studios and workshops, as well as to the Botanical Gardens. Prior to the outing, the place of interest is first visited by the teacher who organises a detailed programme, so that the children will enjoy their visit without getting tired. Experience has shown that when children express an interest in something, and they are well prepared before going out on a visit, they become really enthusiastic about what they see, and the outing increases their initial interest. Our children never forget their outings!