Educational Activities

Τhe environment of The Children’s House has been prepared by our teachers so that your child will be welcomed by activities appropriate for their developmental stage. All the activities are there for your child to use. They have been chosen so that they are appropriate and proportionate to your child’s small hand. Τhey are always clean, complete and beautiful − in tip-top shape!

There are so many activities to choοse from in The Children’s House! Your children will be able to work with language activities, mathematics, geography, zoology, botany, science, music, art, sewing and with all the activities that help develop and enhance their sensorial perception. They may also choose to practice with the specially prepared activities for everyday life, and in that way begin to care for themselves as well as their school environment.

Every ‘subject area‘ hosts specific activities which serve as ‘keys‘ for further exploration and acquisition of knowledge.

It is no wonder therefore, that in The Children’s House, one might see a 3-year-old polishing a mirror, and at the same time a 4-year-old busy recognising and naming a variety of geometric shapes, a 5-year-old composing a poem, and a 6-year-old working on addition with four figure addends! Everyone is always busy in The Children’s House!