The Montessori Music Ensemble

Singing and making music together led by Philippia Rizopoulou

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Montessori Musical ensemble! Regardless of whether you have experience in singing or playing a musical instrument, we look forward to seeing you.

It is through music and song that we will journey into the world of sound, rhythm, melody and harmony. Fun and playful exercises will be used to help us discover our diaphragmatic breath, correct posture, and right pitch as well as increase our ability to listen to and follow a rhythm. Gradually, we will become familiar with aspects of musical theory, the history of music and solfege, so that we can read some easy musical scores to begin with, and then, gradually, move on to more complex ones. The use of small rhythmic percussion instruments will help develop our appreciation of rhythm and harmony, whilst at the same time lay the foundations for orchestral compositions. In order to familiarise ourselves with the pieces that we will be working on, and to cultivate our appreciation of music in general, and we will also listen to keyboard instruments and to choral/orchestral performances.

To achieve this we will use a varied repertoire of children’s songs, classical and well-known pieces, traditional folk songs and popular foreign songs.

The journey into the world of sound, melody, rhythm and harmony is an exciting adventure which we will all enjoy. We will not only strengthen our voices and listening skills, but by concentrating and cooperating with others in a disciplined manner, we shall also be reinforcing a great feeling of well-being!

Philippia Rizopoulou is a graduate of the five-year programme of the Faculty of Music at the University of Athens and holds Diplomas for Piano, Accordion and the Harmonium. She has participated in the choral seminar of the European Economic Community as well as seminars in orchestra conducting. She is a graduate of the three-year programme in Music Therapy, New York University. Philippia has worked with us for the last ten years and it has always been her dream to form a musical ensemble with children from the Montessori House of Glyfada!

Tuesday/ Wednesday

16:30 – 18:00 

For more information please contact the school reception on 210 9885838.