The Montessori Dance Ensemble

Creative Movement and Expression led by Evgenia Sigalou

Shall we dance?

The most important thing is to want to dance and to discover the creative possibilities that our body offers us. We will explore in how many different ways we can fall, jump, bend and turn, in how many ways we can express our anger and our laughter, and in how many ways we can ‘speak’ with our body. We will teach our body to think and move in time and space, to play, to express itself and to communicate and interact with others. We will strengthen our body, learn to control our movements and cultivate a body that is awake and alert. We will work with exercises and certain techniques based on the principles of contemporary dance, in order to experiment and improvise. We will come to know the art of dance and embark on a journey that is never ending.

Our work will revolve around the following three principles: we will build strength by using a number of techniques, we will learn to collaborate with one another, and we will work on improvisation and dance creations. We will dance, create, play and work together. Our aim is that each one will gradually discover his/her individual way of moving, of expressing their imagination, feelings and moods through their body, but always together with others, aware of the space we are in, and together with music.

Let’s go…let’s learn to speak with our body!

Evgenia Sigalou has studied dance at the National School of Orchestral Arts and studied Pedagogy at the Capodistrian University, Athens. She has worked with a number of dance and theatre groups both as Dancer and Performer and has choreographed and collaborated with several well-known choreographers both in Greece and abroad. She has worked many times with the Athens Festival, the Onassis Cultural Centre, The Athens Concert Hall and has participated on several occasions in the ceremony of the Olympic Flame. Evgenia has been teaching creative and contemporary dance to adults, adolescents and children since 2005 and since 2014 she has been teaching dance at the Montessori House of Glyfada.


16:30 – 18:00  

For more information please contact the school reception on 210 9885838.